Refund and Return policy

Last updated on 10th of December 2021

Refund and Return policy of Product

At Dawayr we promote open box delivery of the product.

Also we do not ship product to the customer it is the responsibility of the seller of the product to explain the return and refund policy in the biography section of the store.

It is advisable to the buyer to check on store pages for refund and return policy, in case if the seller has not mentioned the refund and return policy you can ask the seller of the product about the same in Seller WhatsApp number.

Dawayr will be not responsible for the any return and refund of the product.

Refund of listing Packages for Vendor

At Dawayr we do not offer refund for the packages which the seller buys to list their product on Dawayr.

The reason for this is because we offer free listing for 1 month. Seller can use our free listing to check the packages and check thoroughly the service by Dawayr. Once seller buys the package it is non refundable service.

You can contact us if you have any queries about the same